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Title: who's responsible for information
Post by: ogbi-web_kenobi on October 29, 2011, 09:48:28 pm
Real name's are being withheld to protect the stupid.

This "IS" a true story. A top level Ex at a large 200M+ a year corporation gets his corporate laptop stolen. We'll call company, CoA, and employee, Mr.Stupid.

Now for some reason CoA decided it was ok to put personal info about it's 900+ employees on Mr.Stupid's laptop. Personal info like SS# and direct deposit account numbers. A month after Mr.Stupid's laptop was stolen CoA finally got around to telling it's employees.

Now though I do wonder why Mr.Stupid was walking down the street with a hard drive full of SS#'s and account numbers, my question to you is who is responsible for my lose of private info. Me or the company?