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Title: What is DUI Expungement?
Post by: james5 on March 10, 2017, 08:35:05 am
A driving under the influence (DUI) expungement is a relief a person may secure after facing DUI charges. When a person obtains a DUI expungement, his conviction record is cleared, sealed, or destroyed. The exact effect a DUI expungement has on a personís record may depend on the laws in his jurisdiction, however, and expunging a DUI can mean different things in different places. As such, a person who wants to have a DUI expunged will typically do well to consult a lawyer in his jurisdiction. The lawyer should be able to provide him with not only information about having a DUI expunged, but also details about how the completion of this process may help him.

When a person obtains a DUI expungement, this typically means his DUI conviction is set aside. Instead of the guilty judgment he would normally have on his record, a not-guilty judgment is usually entered instead. As a result, the offender is typically relieved of all remaining penalties or restrictions that he faced because of the conviction. In some ways, itís like starting with a clean slate.


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