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Title: http://www.skinliftsup.com/envy-rx-serum
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Clean Clothing: The problem with this type of piercing is that the jewelry is likely to come in contact with the clothes, thus irritating the piercing and leading to an infection Hence, wear loose-fitting, clean cotton clothing to avoid the piercing Envy Rx Serum (http://www.skinliftsup.com/envy-rx-serum/) from getting snagged, stuck, or pulled Also, do not sleep on the same bed sheets if you have infection; change them every day ↬ Hot Compress: Increase blood circulation by using hot compress on the affected area to get rid of the infection However, do not forget to utilize a clean cloth and a sterile container for the purpose ↬ Cleaning Area: It is important that you keep the area of the infection clean You may use antibacterial soaps to clean the area with a cup of warm water Your piercer may also suggest cleansing liquids specially meant for treating the piercing ↬ Piercing Area: A mistake that most people make when they observe an infection is to remove the jewelry However, this has to be avoided because once the jewelry is removed, the hole is likely to close, which can cause abscesses in that area Hence, it is important that the infection is treated while the jewelry is still in its place ↬ Medical Help: Do not hesitate to seek the help of a doctor if the piercing doesn't heal in a couple of days If the infection spreads to the entire body through the bloodstream, it can even prove fatal Prevention and Precautions Do not use bell rings that are made of nickel as they may cause allergy Use rings made of hypoallergenic materials, or surgical steel instead Avoid wearing piercing jewelry if it is not sterilized and sanitized Don't use alcohol, or alcohol-based cleansers to disinfect the affected area It may increase the infection further Do not leave the piercing without taking proper care of it

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