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Title: http://www.madnibaba.com/istikhara/istikhara-for-love/
Post by: MeenJoan on February 06, 2018, 11:00:44 pm
Having money as a couple and spending it together so that the couple can work on the relationship and not worry about working two or three jobs or finding a job, is the optimum amount of money. Istikhara For Love Marriage (http://www.madnibaba.com/istikhara/istikhara-for-love/) and Because living is more expensive than it was in the past and couples are dependent on industry, free trade, and the economy instead of living on a farm and being independent, money has become very important and not having it has begun affecting our marriages. Do you want to end up with that kind of relationship that you see of retired grey haired couples happily walking together, still holding hands very much in love? The story of the handsome Prince and the beautiful Princess marrying and living happily ever after can come true to the few couples that apply certain principles to their relationship. To have that dream marriage, it takes a lot of effort and a decision to make it work by both of you. That saying "It takes two to tango" is certainly true in this case. Marriage was once described to me, as a journey that is taken by very much in love couples setting off in a little sailing boat on the sea of life. The husband as Captain with his wife as his First Mate. Some days will be sunny with a fine breeze to push you quickly along towards your destination (plain sailing). Other days you will encounter a head wind or no wind at all that will make progress very slow.

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