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Jesus isn't right?

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Author Topic: Jesus isn't right?  (Read 1966 times)
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« on: September 01, 2008, 07:24:42 am »

I have to start a discussion on religious views on homosexual life styles just because I find it oddly contredictive.

So if you search anything to do with someone being gay you always get someone taking the piss like god hates you etc, and yet in the bible it is said that jesus says its not right, you shall not lay next to someone of the same sex or what ever.

Yet if jesus is one of us that means that he cannot comprehend many things in life, just as the majority of people on this world do not understand many life style choices me for example I cannot imagine loving a animal and I'm rather against it because I cannot get my head around it, this goes for pritty much 99% of the world being against homosexuals because they cannot imagine loving someone the same sex as they can with the opposite sex, or they cannot believe for a second out of fear that their is a possibility of no god or the fact that jesus is just wrong in the fact you go to hell if you have anal.

Yet in another section in the bible it says that, god did not send his son out to condemn the world, but to save the world through him!

I don't get why I love talking about religions so much, when I don't believe in any!
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« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2008, 09:05:04 am »

Jesus loves EVERY one of us, now lets go burn homosexuals in his name. Wink

So lets sum up digmatic christian belief.
(1) They believe in an all powerfull and everloving god who will condem at least 80% of the planets population to hell for being born into the wrong religion.
(2) They Believe that the bible is the word of god despite the fact that it wasnt written by God or even Jesus but a group of semi-illeterate fishermen who spent all the time when Jesus was alive going "we do not understand Lord"
(3) They believe that the pope/s are gods right hand guy/s on earth and are infallable, including the ones in the middle ages who burned people alive for questioning the churches official line that the world was flat.
(4) They believe in Creationisim (Dinosaurs, Nuff Said)
(5) They believe they are right and they have the only way to god. (same as every other religion)
(6) They believe the crap they spew is original and somehow special. http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/transcript.htm

Religion is like politics, you can find fragments of truth in every one but its not worth wading through the bullshit and lies, plus they use fear to promote the concept that somehow you need the political/religious structure, and they target the dumbest, most fearfull, nationalistic, dogmatic inferior people as followers.

Anyway sharky, dont worry, most christians arnt that bad, im sure they will accept you whatever your sexual choice may be. Wink
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« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2008, 11:42:43 am »

I'm going to take that as some of your helerious humour, considering I am straight!

I'm just pointing out that in 1 simple quote it strikes out half of the bibles work, plus I was watching make me a christian and this poor lady had to put up with people saying she's leading a sinful life because shes a lesbian, she seemed really destressed just because of her sexuality, she was even put in a fucking convent!
This was like 4 christians who think they know what they are talking about.

Even if I commit a sin theirs still something inside me saying its a sin and I can go for hell if I don't say sorry for what I have done, because of the fear that their is something unknown out their, even though their are hundereds of reasons not to believe its the fear of the unknown which I don't like, I have been baptised so I signed a contract with god when I had no choice over it.

ow and I just found this Women are not to wear men's clothing -- it's an "abomination unto the Lord."
LOL, how do you define men's clothes?

Plus you can't even commit sodomy if you are straight, (having anal).
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« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2021, 12:03:32 am »

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